Jenni learned the craft of creating elegant utilitarian pottery while earning her MFA at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a BFA at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Her current focus is on creating functional pots, with a delicate flare and supple surfaces, that act as daily reminders to celebrate the trivial, the tragic and the triumphant. She also dabbles in printmaking, mosaic, and craft work. When not making art, Jenni can be found promoting events and planning for future programming for Chatfield Center for the Arts or serving on the board of the Northeast Iowa Artists' Studio Tour.

Eric Petersen is largely a self-taught artist working in clay, paint, printmaking, and more while also being a prolific poet and talented musician as long as he can remember. His ceramic work is reminiscent of the processes of the natural world, creating forms that are inherently earthy, grounded, and comfortable to use and live. These clay works include lively animal figures, eroded wall-hanging slabs, elegant dinnerware and more. Eric is also loves to rock out on the guitar, write thought-provoking poetry, or working in the garden. When not making art, Eric can also be found writing grants, doing development work or fixing something at Chatfield Center for the Arts in Chatfield, MN.